Who We Are:

We are a multidisciplinary research group at the Institute of GeoEnergy Engineering (IGE) of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK. The research group was formed in 1986, and currently has more than 12 research staffs and students with a variety of different expertise (chemical and petroleum engineering, chemistry, physics, geology, geophysics).

What We Do

Our main area of expertise is experimental and modelling studies on flow assurance and phase equilibria of various fluids. These research studies covering a wide range of areas, including thermophysical properties of industrial fluids (e.g reservoir fluids, CO2 rich mixtures, refrigerants, etc), flow assurance in the oil/gas industry (hydrates, wax, salt, asphaltene precipitation problems), gas hydrates in the natural environment (e.g. geohazards, potential as an energy resource), and positive applications of hydrates (e.g. gas separation, storage and transportation, CO2 sequestration).

We work closely with both industrial and government sponsors with the aim of delivering high-quality, novel, applied research solutions for the energy and environmental sciences.